Los Angeles Recycling Services


Garbage Recycling Services in Los Angeles, CA.

If you have enough of one material to fill up a 3 yard bin we can recycle 100% of your load and give you cash back. Our facility lives at a Certified Recycling Center, where we can always give you up to date prices on what rates are per pound for each material, and give you Certified Recycling Receipts too. Call for inquires about certain materials being accepted, and whether there is any preparation required before the product can be recycled. For instance, with copper wiring, removal of the plastic sleeves are necessary to be validated a “clean material”. The more you pack in our bin the more you get back!

Recycling Dumpsters – One Material | Recycling Mixed Debris

Go ahead, throw all of your trash, junk, and debris into one bin, we’ll take it from here. Our mixed waste is taken to Certified Recycling MRF’s (Materials Recovery Facility) where the loads get separated and the recyclable materials get redirected away from the landfill. The dump fees are slightly higher at these facilities, but we feel the cost difference is miniscule compared to the benefit of recycling and diverting our loads the most eco way possible.